Friday, December 3, 2010

Greens announce Anne Wagstaff as candidate for Oatley state seat

St George Greens today announced Hurstville Councillor Anne Wagstaff as The Greens candidate for the state seat of Oatley.

Ms Wagstaff was the first Green to be elected to Hurstville Council in 2008.

A former physiotherapist and small business owner, Ms Wagstaff campaigned for community safety and protection of public land when a mobile phone tower was proposed in Oatley Park, and again when a supermarket in Oatley West neighbourhood shopping strip created local traffic problems. As a councillor, Ms Wagstaff has continued to be a strong advocate for community causes, constantly championing the interests and concerns of community groups, including the fight to keep community facilities such as the Mortdale Masonic Hall, Peakhurst South Community Hall and the Oatley Bowling Club.

“Having lived in Oatley since marrying more than 25 years ago and raising two daughters who attended local public schools I understand the issues and needs of the local community very well,” Ms Wagstaff said.

“I joined the Greens because of their genuine care for and commitment to the community and environment and in particular policies such as addressing climate change and improving the political process by strictly limiting donations to political parties.

“Being a member of the Georges River Combined Councils’ Committee, I am very aware of the threats to our waterways. I intend to campaign on keeping our rivers and catchments healthy by protecting them from pollution and contamination caused by inappropriate development, long wall coal mining and coal seam gas extraction.

“I will also be emphasising sustainability, pushing for a greater focus on renewable energy sources for the state’s electricity generation and education and incentive programs to help people use less energy.

In relation to donations reform, the Greens successfully amended the Keneally government's campaign finance legislation to include bans on donations from the alcohol, gambling and tobacco industries.

Greens NSW MP John Kaye said: "Three of the most destructive sources of donations have now been removed from NSW politics.

"These bans extend the existing prohibition on developer donations. They will free up future governments to be able to implement important public health measures to reduce the impacts of excessive alcohol consumption and gambling addiction,” said Dr Kaye.

Ms Wagstaff said she would also be campaigning on climate change, clean energy and green jobs, public transport, reviving local democracy in planning and development decisions, and public education.

“The Greens will help restore integrity to NSW politics. Next year’s state election in March offers a wonderful opportunity for Oatley voters to embrace a genuinely commonsense alternative in both the local seat, and in the NSW upper house, where The Greens may hold the balance of power,” said Ms Wagstaff. 

“I invite residents to get in touch with me to outline their concerns and to get involved in the campaign to put the community first and to look after the long term interests of NSW.

For more information or comment, please contact Anne Wagstaff (Greens candidate for Oatley) at 9580 7919 or or